Trabajos-Universitarios are offering training on how to find a job. These courses are aimed at both students and graduados and can help them in their career path. They may also be offered as a part of the curriculum.

The telecommunications industry has seen a boom in data entry jobs, which require precision and speed. These jobs are also flexible and require minimal experience. The real estate market has also helped to increase the number of jobs.

Several university lecturers have complained for years about the precarious nature of their employment. This has made them reliant on part time jobs to pay their bills.

A recent study by Barnes and Nobles found that half of students planned on paying for higher education, but almost one third had no idea what they would pay for. According to the study, students are willing to pay for the telecommunications and computer related jobs, but not for degrees in law or medicine.

The Universidad Nebrija offers an Institute of Competencies that offers job search training. The university says the most important thing is to be aware of your job market and know how to get a job.

A recent study by Inside Higher Ed found that empleadors are looking for soft skills, such as communication, listening skills and attention to detail. They are also more likely to hire a graduand if they can demonstrate that they have the skills required.

There are also several online courses available. These include translators, online marketing and sales and telework.